1. Woman frequently stop to smell me and compliment how good your products make me look, what should I do?

- Thank them, oh yeah and you're welcome, please continue buying your favorite Clubman products!!
2. Where can I purchase Clubman products?

- Clubman products are available at select Rite Aid, Walgreen and Sally Beauty. Please check with your local retailer as not all locations carry all Clubman products.
3. Why do the scents in the aftershave seem different?

- This is usually across the board as scents go. A lot of people feel that they no longer smell or feel like before. A: All formulas are original and have not been altered, changed or modified.
4. Why does the flesh talc stain their collars/clothing?

- There is no dye in the talc, staining should not occur. The color agent to make it flesh color is not a staining color agent, it is a temporary colorant.
5. Does Clubman plan on launching a pomade and beard care products?

- In February 2015, Clubman launched a trio of beard grooming essentials – Beard Balm, Beard Oil and 2 in 1 Beard Conditioner
6. Are Clubman Products unisex?

- Absolutely! Many women love the Clubman scents. Woman should wear clubman too.
7. If any Clubman items are ever in accidental contact with the eyes, what should I do?

- If any of our products ever get in your eyes, do not rub your eyes. Immediately flush with clear, lukewarm water. Avoid flushing with excessively strong running water, as this may damage your eye. If you have a sensation of pain or dust-like particles in your eye, seek prompt professional medical attention with an eye specialist.
8. Are clubman products vegan?

- Our only non-vegan item is the Clubman mustache wax.
9. Are Clubman products Gluten Free?

- Only select items are gluten free. ASL and Fragrance and Talc are Gluten free. Gels, Beard Balm, 2 in 1 Beard Conditioner, Beard Oil and Clubman Country Club Shampoo contain wheat and soy proteins.